Ebp Informatique


EBP Business Plan Designer  v.3.0

profit and loss and balance sheets. ? There is also automatic creation of all the graphs so that you can produce an easy to understand representation of your projections. Business Plan report ? Our word processing program automatically creates the

CV - Julien Wuydin  v.

Étudiant en école d'ingénierie informatique, j'ai décidé d'exporter mon CV sur les plateformes mobiles afin de visualiser les principales informations de celui-ci plus rapidement et intuitivement. Cette application me permet aussi de montrer


4Fax  v.1.2

4Fax allow your database to fully interact with a 4SightFax server.

FinishTime Lite

Freeware display using time, for rent, attendance time, by session. Can use for solarium, private rooms, pointing of the presence, renting time... Perfect for manage using time of post, computers, pour WebPhone, cyber-cafe, gaming... Easy to use,


GPMI is a ERP Software which meets all the needs for a middle sized industrial activity. Try it for 30 days! Many functions, easy to install, easy to use. Technical data, Ranges, Work Orders, Invoices, Scheduling, Cost Prices Free Quality / Documentation

A2DCrypt 2048 bits Encryption

A2DCrypt 2048 bits Encryption - Encrypting files with keys of 2048 bits. Very fast, A2DCrypt ensures protection A2DCrypt 2048 Bits Encryption is file encryption software taking key length of 2048 bits. Armed with a simple interface to take control, the

Ghost Navigator

Ghost Navigator is an anonymous surf browser: hide your location, block pop-ups, hide your IP adress and Internet traces, hide the adress of the Web site you are visiting, block cookies. Web navigation is accelerated because data is retrieved by our

KaraWin Free  v.

Karawin is a multimedia program, capable to play several popular audio formats like kar, midi, mp3 and kok.

KaraWin Std  v.

KaraWin is a multimedia player with advanced support for the karaoke.

Le Jeu du Pendu  v.3 10

This game is an adaptation of the well known hangman game. Main features: - Customizable sounds and gallow pictures. - Four level of difficulty. - Skin Themes. - Numerous dictionaries available.

AutoScreenShot  v.

AutoScreenShot is a simple but handy application that takes photos of your computer's screen at a specified time, so you know what was happening on your computer while you weren't using it.

IconMaker  v.3.0

This software is indispensable to all person anxious to achieve these own icons windows. Of part his/her/its convivial interface, he/it is simple of use and his/her/its comfortable mastery.

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